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Healing for Weight loss

Shedding those excess pounds is very complex, it can range from extreme emotional issues to someone just needing motivation.

Almost everyone with a weight issue,(and many who don't) have energy blocks or stored emotions that are holding onto them. YES.... they are holding on to you, like a clingy child demanding that you pay attention. Until you call up these memories and release them, they will continue to operate at a subconscious level, similar to a child needing your attention before they will stop.

You need to ask yourself....... why do I want to lose weight? The answer is most likely to feel better, but the truth is you need to feel better before you can lose weight.

There is no magic wand to lose weight, one program doesn't fit all, how many sessions needed can't be predetermined, but I would start with age regression to remove any clingy emotions that are causing you anxiety, stress, feeling out of control, traumatized, or self hate.

First Session: Age Regression, we will follow a negative emotion back to a memory in this life time and release the stored emotion. This can be repeated for as long as time allows, or until you fill spent. 

Second Session: Age Regression, this time we will follow the strongest emotion back to the root cause, this could be in this life time or a past life time.

Third Session: Chakra Healing, carrying extra weight can be a symptom of dysfunction in your chakras, particularly in your second chakra. An imbalanced second chakra is a recipe for addiction, as the desire for something to help you ignore the trauma or numb your pain takes control of you. This includes, of course, addiction to food, which easily leads to obesity.

Fourth Session: Reframe, this is where the fun begins as we build an image of how you want to look. What weight you are, how your arms, legs, and stomach look.......  all creations start in the mind so lets build it up good! We will also look at a better eating plan, how to get more exercise, and keeping your life balanced. To lose weight without a goal is like trying to get to Nakusp without a road...... you wouldn't even know where to start.

After this it becomes much more individual as we tackle anything that is stopping you from reaching your goal.

Hypnosis can specifically help resolve the underlying psychological problems causing you to hate exercise, experience intense cravings, binge at night, or eat mindlessly. It can help identify the triggers and disarm them,

When we are holding in anything, including our breath, we contract, when we let go we expand.... start expanding your life today.

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