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Why do some people respond to hypnotic suggestions and deep depth, while others do not?

Since 1967, when John Kappas recognized the existence of two distinct types of suggestibility- Emotional and Physical -  a new hypnotic world has been revealed. Human behavior has lead us to recognize that everyone is suggestible to hypnosis.


In the past only Physical suggestibility was recognized and that 30% to 40% of the population where considered unhypnotizabel.

We now know that these unresponsive subjects were Emotionally suggestible.

The understanding of Emotional suggestibility has expanded the scope of hypnosis by taking it out of the guessing game and allowing us to work with many who previously could not be hypnotized.

Emotional suggestibility was discovered through accident and determination. While trying to prove that all individuals could be hypnotized, a method using inferred inductions with misdirection's was found to be effective for those not responding to the usual methods.    

Suggestibility is determined by all of the conditioning and experiences throughout a persons life, particularly the first 14 years by the paternal and maternal figures in your life.


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So what are you? Physical or Emotional

You can complete the suggestibility questionnaire, follow the instructions to get your score. 51 and over means you are more Physical, 49 and under makes you more Emotional. Someone 50/50 is called Somnambulist. A person is usually a mixture of both. If you are 70% Physical then you are 30% Emotional. There are two questionnaires, and you can be Emotional on one and Physical on the other, or same on both. The sexuality questionnaire is more who you are.

Emotionals tend to be more in control and have a harder time going into hypnosis, instructions need to be given in a more indirect way with options. You really can't just tell a Emotional what to do, instructions need to be directed at their feelings.

Physicals are more direct, you can give them instructions and they will usually do it, that is why stage hypnosis start with so many and then narrow down to the Physicals that will follow instructions.

As a Emotional myself, understanding how a Physical thinks has been life changing. If you have ever read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" it could be replaced with "Physicals are from Mars, Emotionals are from Venus" We really are that different.

Some traits of an Emotional are: puts emotions first to protect body, suppresses feelings, worries how others see them, needs alone time, sex equals romance, work oriented, talks literally, but hears inferentially, thinks before acting, quiet, doesn't like crowds, ends relationships easily.

The Physical uses physical body as a defense to protect emotions, needs physical touch, sex equals love, hates rejection, acts before thinking, has a hard time letting go of relationships, not concerned how others see them, speaks inferentially but hears literally, family oriented.


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