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Reframing is a way of changing the way you look at something which changes your experience of it. Our subconscious does not know the difference between what is "real" and what is imagination.

The hypnotic state gives controlled access to all our memories, where profound insights can be made into the causes of problem behaviours and feelings.

Through safely re-living them while very relaxed we are able to more easily reprocess difficult experiences which can allow the problem to just drop away or you can reframe the things that you feel you need to change.

Hypnosis is know for building confidence, become a better public speaker, gain determination, be more confident, be who you want to be..... who are you?

Redo, redo...anything you want to redo, anything that happened that you would like to have been different? Your actions or theirs.

Over eating, eating the wrong foods, how you view yourself can all be addressed with hypnosis.

Fears and phobias can often be overcome with reframing. One of the hardest fears to resolve is a fear of clowns. But even for this, hypnotherapy has been widely successful.

Obsessive thoughts that replay over and over can be reframed into what you want and the old is let go.

We can also re-live good memories, recalling past feelings of happiness, love, excitement and reframe them into your present life.

Its even possible to experience 'living' in the future without the problems, this works great for tests, public speaking, interviews, anything you can visualize for your future.

We can even bring the buried attributes and skills you have back to the surface where you can use them everyday. Use to paint? You can imagine yourself as an awesome painter.

Reframes are a powerful therapeutic tool. They are like a bolt of lightning, a shift that instantly changes your mental and emotional perception. In therapy we often talk about change and growth unfolding slowly over time, but the reframe can create instantaneous change, which is exciting for both therapist and


What would you like to reframe in your life?


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