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The Process  

Every session will start with a discussion of why you are in my office and what you are looking to gain more insight into.

I will answer any questions you have

and we as a team will decide what will work best. Never will you be made to clack like a chicken... unless you ask:)

The real fun starts once you go into hypnosis, which can be quick or slower with more imagery, depends on what we are working on.

Hypnosis is a natural state and many people will not notice moving into a deeper state of consciousness. The feeling is similar to listening to a learning session with our eyes closed, finding it harder and harder to keep your attention on what the instructor is saying as you slide into a hypnotic state and start to allow all the feelings, thoughts, sounds, and images come into your mind from your subconscious. There are two states of awareness. In one you will be aware of what is happening like watching a movie, in the other you will start acting like the person you are seeing in your mind. Most move between the two through out the session.

When I ask you to go to an event in this life time or past life if you so choose, you may not see anything at first, but as you focus the memory will start coming back. It  might be images, smells, feeling,or just a sense of knowing, it's different for everyone and there is no wrong or right.

Everything you see is in your mind and you have full control, if it is scary you can choose not to look at it or we can put you behind a Plexiglas glass which will allow you to watch the event with out getting involved with the emotions.

Although you can't really change the events happening you can decide how much to tell your hypnotherapist, although there are no judgments..... we have all done horrible things in our past.




You can't change a past life experience, but you can leave all the negativity behind, forgive yourself and others.

For events in this life time you can reframe them to be congruent with how you would like it to be. Maybe you need to forgive someone, or have them forgive you. Maybe you have to gain back personal power, or maybe you just want a different outcome that will let you be at peace because it fits the image of how you would like it to be.

The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what is real (or our perception) and what is imagery.

Changing a belief or event at a subconscious level is like recording over it, I'm sure the original event and belief is in your subconscious somewhere, but your instant reactions are based on the new belief or event and not the old one. Similar to anything we replace with something new. When you try to remember the original belief or event it may feel like a faint memory or you can't remember at all and the newly created belief or memory will be what will come to your mind.

If you choose to have a relaxing direct therapy session like the chakra enhancement or journey the session will be relaxing, full of positive affirmations, but the effects will be just as permanent.

After the session there will be time to discuss your experience and gain insight into how the shift in your perspective will change your life. Your subconscious

is the keeper of all secrets and what comes out may shock you, things you would have never thought of but make perfect sense when brought to life.

Very little is written about the benefits of the hypnotic state. The sense of peace and relaxation, because just for a little while you get to let go of all the worries, pains and stresses of your life. Just for a little while you get to dive into who you really are and not only gain great understanding but make profound permanent changes at a subconscious level.


Transform your life today!


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