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Past Life Regression 

Have you ever wondered why you have a fascination to a certain place you have never been?  Have you ever met someone for the first time and feel you have known them before, almost like you could pick up the conversation where you left off?  Do you have unexplained phobias, physical or emotional issues?

Do you have a curiosity for understanding how a past life might contribute to what you are experiencing in your life now?

Past Life Regression can resolve experiences from our past that are blocking our progress, happiness and the ability to live life now to our full potential.

Past Life Therapy can regress you back to to the original event that occurred so that you can understand and release the block, bringing closure to that lifetime.

Past Life Regression leads to understanding the purpose of that lifetime, the lessons learned and how it effects or plays out in the current life.  Most importantly you will also uncover the personal strengths and gifts you bring to your current incarnation, often answering questions you didn't even know you wanted answered.

Are Past Lives Real?

Maybe yes, maybe no, but you do conjure up a story in your mind full of vivid images and extreme feelings.This does vary for people depending on their comfort level, for some it is more a feeling for others it is like you are them. You may even experience being the opposite sex.

Unlike a dream state full of symbolic's the story that forms in your mind is very consistent. When asked to travel backward or forward you do so instantly and are congruent with the story you are telling. 

Hypnosis is not sleeping, you are acutely aware of everything you are seeing in your mind. It feels very similar to watching a movie with extreme concentration: you become unaware of what is around you unless you bring your attention to it. For most the fascination of watching a movie being played in your mind where you get to be the star is very enjoyable. For those who actually feel the  thoughts and emotions it's mind blowing.

This isn't for everyone, but if you've read this far it is probably for you.

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