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Life Review

Have you ever looked back on your life and said.... what the hell was I thinking?

We get caught up in the moment, operating on our preprogrammed beliefs and making choices we often regret.

As time moves on we gain a larger perception, but it is still governed by our beliefs, we still struggle to understand how and why events happened.

We can move on "put it behind us" but we are doomed to repeat the same patterns because we haven't changed the preprogrammed beliefs that orchestrated the event in the first place.

Yes, some people do gain insight and clarity, but rarely do we see the patterns we keep playing out, or the way our actions affect others.

A life review is going over a section of your life that was difficult. Similar to a past life experience we can tap into our subconscious, which records all the events of our life in what are called ingrams, these play out like a movie where you can feel or see the events from your past. Old memories are recalled, details are remembered, and as we travel through your time line, patterns of negative and destructive behavior and thoughts often become very apparent.

With this insight, profound changes in how you view your life can be made.

If you are struggling to understand, struggling to make sense, struggling to resolve an issue in your past, then this life review could be the answer, the way to find the missing pieces for you to accept and become at peace with yourself and at peace with your past.

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