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Take a journey into hypnosis, where the Conscious Mind is quieted while the body is in a waking state, creating a direct path of communication to the powerful Subconscious Mind where the root of all desired and undesired associations lie.

Together, we create a hypnotic journey that will create the lasting changes you desire for a better, healthier, happier life. 

The Journey Within:

The Journey Within is an awakening to the mystical and the miraculous. It brings us clarity and new understandings and awakens us to our inner wise. In our search for meaning in life we ask our Inner Wise questions such as: Why me ? Who am I ? Why am I here ? Where did I come from ? What is beyond this life ? What is my calling in this life ? Why do I have these experiences in my life ? The answers to every question we will ever have are within us.

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Symbolism is the language of the unconscious mind and it’s a REALLY powerful tool for change. On this journey you will use a symbol that represents the issue you would like to change or modify, it can be a thought, emotion, or a particular state. The insight is nothing short of amazing and the pattern changes in your mind have long term positive affects.

$80  1 hour     Book a session

Inner Child:

Through Inner Child Therapy we aim to identify and address the unresolved experiences of childhood which are unconsciously continuing to limit you in your adult life. This could be in any area of life - money, relationships, work, family, love, self-image, self-worth, health. Identifing and addressing the unresolved experiences of childhood can help resolve repeating patterns in your life and help you achieve your fullest potential.

$80  1 hour     Book a session

Let Go Journey :

As you travel along the river in a warm moonlight night, just let all your cares and worries gently flow away. Allowing any anger, anxiety, stress, or any overwhelming uncomfortable feeling to just.........

$80  1 hour     Book a session

Imagination Gone Wild:

This is a free for all experience where you open the door to any thing you desire. Stepping into this fantasy is the first step to making it your reality.

$80  1 hour     Book a session


Lets journey down a windy path into a magical rock where we will sit in the stillness of a warm, bright light and have a conversation with our higher self, and just allow the answers to come.

$80  1 hour     Book a session

Healing Cocoon :

The Healing Cocoon helps restore health through transformational metaphor. It is a space to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to build a warm, loving cocoon for your healing transformation.

$80 1 hour     Book a session

The Secrect Garden Journey :

There is something magical about being in your own secret garden and finding a gift meant just for you!

$80  1 hour     Book a session


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