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Forgiveness is really the act of believing the positive about someone instead of the negative.


... but not easy to do.

When in hypnosis we can look at the circumstance surrounding the hurtful event. Your subconscious remembers all the details.

We will question everything about the event and determine your belief and if you know it to be true. Often our beliefs come from our childhood or are colored by past painful events. We will look at possible reasons for the hurtful actions and try to find understanding and compassion.

You may not let go of the pain immediately, you may even go through an angry phase as you vent out the pain, but anger is a higher vibration then depression and part of the healing process.

Forgiving yourself

We are so much harder on ourselves then on others.

The guilt and shame can be so severe that we never even tell anyone our guilty secret. We bury the pain without even trying to heal it. This can and does have devastating effects on our life. Our inability to forgive ourselves hurts not only ourself but everyone our life.

The process will be the same, only it will be much more emotional as we look at "why". You will be asked to forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness.

This is a profound life changing experience. We have to reveal the pain to heal the pain.


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