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Direct Therapy

A direct suggestion gives an explicit instruction to do something such as ‘Stop smoking now’. It acts as a form of reprogramming. An indirect suggestion allows your unconscious mind to explore a variety of possibilities before coming up with a response. For example, ‘I wonder how soon it will be before you stop smoking and start to enjoy a healthy lifestyle?’ Indirect suggestions allow your unconscious mind to make change in a way that fully suits you.

Most hypnotherapy is a combination of both direct and indirect. For the purpose of this session we will go over the changes that you would like to make and in hypnosis they will be repeated with conviction to be grounded into your subonscious.

This is very effective for stress, anxiety, confidence, motivation, depression, better sleep, or any poor habit you would like to change. It is very similar to affirmations on high drive.

Direct hypnosis is more one-sided, although it does allow you deep relaxation it doesn't allow freedom to explore your inner subconcious. A lot of the same benefits can be gain using guided imagery or journeys.

This is a really good option for those who feel they do not have a vivid imagination (although most do) or for a first session.

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Online Group Hypnosis Sessions are incredibly powerful and effective. There has never been a faster, easier, more affordable way to make change fast.

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