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Cord  Therapy

Negative Cords are developed with people when something they said, done or even implied, doesn't match our belief system, our perspective of who we are and how we should or want to be treated.

There is always a discord and need for something. It may be validation, acceptance, love, respect, or an apology, anything that makes us feel worthy. A cord of attachment forms because we can't accept their perspective, we can't accept that negative opinion of our self worth, but we don't know how to resolve it. So we stay stuck, can't accept it, can't resolve it, can't move on, and in severe cases can become extremely unbalanced from it.

In hypnosis we will examine how the behavior of others is affecting you. We will question your beliefs that are at a subconscious level, at a level that governors our actions but we don't understand why and find the root belief and resolve it.

Stress has been proven to be very harmful to our health, we often think of it as physical, but stress starts in your mind, stress is a mental activity of negative thoughts.

Stress relief exercises are beneficial, but relieving the thought patterns that causes the stress is life changing.

Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused, frustrated, or on repeat would benefit from this session. There is no wisdom greater then personal insight.


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