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Age Regression

Presenting complaints like fears, depression, or sexual problems have causes. Also personality problems like passivity, or negative convictions like “it’s all my fault” have causes in the past. The same is true for many physical complaints. This is especially true when there is no "obvious" reason.

Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions.

Rewinding the tape when you are watching a movie will take you back to any moment you want. It's  simple, the reverse button does the work for you. It is almost that easy with age regression. We start at a time in the present and work back to an earlier time in this lifetime or a past lifetime, to where the problem began.

When you rewind that tape, it doesn't bounce off into other movies. It stays right on track with the movie you are watching. It is the same with age regression. The subconscious mind knows where to go and will take you there with proper guidance.

It used to be that very few clients tripped into a past life doing age regression, but the veil is thinning and if the present complaint or condition originated in a past life, you may find yourself going there.

Our forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed and can trigger our responses today. Those old beliefs and emotions can only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them.

Finding these experiences unlocks emotions and brings insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.

Clients may experience their birth or the prenatal time in the womb. They may go to any point in this life time. Many may experience what seems to be a past life. Others trace their problems back to the influence of deceased family members or other presences. Spiritual experiences are not uncommon.

If you are looking to reframe an event there is some regression involved, but for the purpose if this session we will be starting with an emotion and what I call the emotional slide to regress to an earlier time.


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